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How to organize your home office

How to Organize Your Home Office

I love working from home. I have done it for the past 12 years and I’m not sure I’m ready to go back to corporate office life. As much as I love it, it’s not always the easiest thing to work out of your home. There are constant distractions…dishes, laundry, kids, Nextflix, etc. You know! Many of us are transitioning from our structured work life at the office, to a semi-structured life to working from home. My best advice to being productive is to organize your home office. So I put together 3 steps to organize your home office in no time.

Step 1 – Clear off your desk

You know your desk that’s been sitting in the corner that you have always intended to be a productive work from home space? Yep that’s the one that we need to clear off. I wish I could say this will be a one and done type of action, but the truth is your desk is a horizontal space that collects stuff. No matter how many days in a row I spend (or don’t spend) time at my desk it seems to be a magnet for collecting papers, bills, ads, mail, water bottles, planners, tissues, pens, etc. Step one is to simply clear it all off so you can start with a blank slate.

*Note* If you don’t already have a desk, I highly recommend finding a specific desk for working at. Working at the kitchen table will only do until it’s time for dinner and then you’ll have to set up and organize your table each day. Go to the attic or the basement and find an old desk you have lying around. If you are truly do not have access to a desk other than your kitchen table, it may be time to invest in a portable table that you can use temporarily like this one here.

Step Two – Place the Items You Use the Most Next To You

How to Organize Your Home Office

It seems like a silly step, like why would I move my post-it notes, my tissue box, my scissors all next to me? Because I use them every day. Yes, there is something about having all the essentials close to you that makes you feel more comfortable at your desk. Adding these little items not only helps you organize your workspace, but it also establishes the fact that this is now your work space and no longer just your kitchen table.

Step Three – Add Something Fun

How to Organize Your Home Office in 3 Easy Steps

If you spend all day at your desk, and now you are spending all day working from home on your computer, sometimes the monotony can catch up with you by 2pm. That’s why it’s important to add something fun to your workspace that you can’t always do at the office. Maybe you place your favorite pair of slippers underneath your desk. Maybe you go to the kitchen and make yourself a snack. You can keep your nail polish nearby so your nails can dry while you are waiting for something to upload. You can bring in your favorite lamp, a neat pen or maybe hang your favorite art piece about your new workspace. Maybe you create that new piece of art to hang in front of workspace. Whatever will bring you joy and creativity will always lift your mood and most likely your productivity.

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