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An Address Plaque for Every Season

It’s been a few months since we’ve really posted anything, but we’ve been busy riding the creative train. Our latest and greatest idea in the home decor and curb appeal department is from my dad. An address plaque for every season. Ever seen anything like it? We hadn’t either and at first, we thought this was just a new hobby for my dad (Terry) to let out some creative passion when he wasn’t designing any houses. Now, every spare second he has available he’s scheming for the next best address plaque to hang outside our door.

Christmas Address Plaques

It all started at Christmas. If any season could be coined “the season for decorating” I think this would be it. Everyone on our street (us included) loves to decorate for the season and the decorations are just confined within the house. We like to decorated on the porch with lights and festive signs to welcome visitors and the spirit of the season to all who pass by. Speaking of decorating with signs, my dad had the idea to combine our house numbers and a festive sign together. Why not? His first sign ended up being a new theme for us, old woody cars with Christmas trees on top. It’s fun and a little bit retro and why not?

Christmas Tree Classic Car Address Plaque

Christmas Tree Classic Car Address Plaque

Then he got the inspiration for second address plaque. Classic red and green, with a little cursive.

Christmas Address Plaque Sign

January House Numbers

January Snowflake Address Plaque

Then we moved on to January blues, yes that’s meant to be a double meaning. Really though, if you had to put a color to January wouldn’t blue be your first choice? It took us a couple of tries to get just the right blue color and the right gold, but I think it came together nicely.

March Adress Numbers

February is all about red and Valentine’s Day and that’s exactly what we went with (photo coming soon). Then came March, St. Patrick’s Day. Green on green on shamrocks and happy welcome sign.

St. Patrick's Day Address Sign - Green


St. Patrick's Day Address Sign - Green
St. Patrick’s Day Address Sign – Green

April and Easter Address Signs

Cherry Tree Address Plaque

The cherry trees are almost in bloom and we wanted to capture those soft pink blossoms against the bright blue sky. Yes, you guessed it, he painted this himself. He even put a little bird in the tree, can you see it?

Easter Holiday Address Sign

Hoppy Easter. This little easter bunny has completely smitten. We decided on yellow gingham fabric for the bunny and a white and blue daisy pattern mounted to the back to offset the yellow. We also bought this frame and kept it as is for its shabby-chic appeal. This one will be up the week before Easter.

Our Goals With these Address Plaques

  1. Keep it simple. Too much is usually just too much. The simpler, the better. If there are too many patterns or too many words then it all gets mushed together.
  2. Easy to read. What’s the point of having house numbers? So that everyone can read your address and find your house if you want them to. The numbers have to be easy enough to read and in a strong contrast from the background so it doesn’t get lost.
  3. Seasonal and Holiday decor. This is a great way to update your home for every season.

Next up is Easter, spring and summer-themed address plaques. We’re kind of thinking there could be endless possibilities with this idea. What do you think? We need some feedback, would you decorate your home with these address plaques for every holiday and season?

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