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Basket and Crate Home Decor Ideas

Basket and Crate Home Decor Ideas

Have you noticed there are a lot more baskets and crates around lately? Basket and crate home decor ideas are everywhere you look; in books, magazines, maybe even your own home. Yes, baskets and crates are back as favorite home decor accents and we don’t see them going away anytime soon. As we toured the Utah Valley Parade of Homes this year, we noticed that baskets and crates are in full swing. We saw them hanging on walls, in bookshelves, even as furniture. Here are a few of our favorites that we spotted.

Basket and Crate as Wall Decor

When a basket is hanging on the wall as a piece of art, it is hard to walk by and not take notice. That being said, what a great way to add a touch of warmth and interest to your wall. These examples we felt give an almost southwestern vibe to the decor.

Basket and Crate

Basket and Crate Home Decor Ideas

Basket and Crate Home Decor Ideas

Basket and Crate – Shelving Decor

Wicker baskets on the shelf, is easily one of the most popular placements for baskets and crates. What is easier than dressing up a bland shelf with woven baskets made from natural materials. It’s also a great storage idea. Hide the clutter with baskets. I know we do it in our home and have been for years. We love these woven baskets in the laundry room. It adds just a touch of warmth and sophistication all at the same time.

Basket and Crate Ideas

Basket and Crate ideas

Basket and Crate Furniture

Our last example is not exactly a basket or a crate, but it still gives off the same natural warm accents in a room. Wicker and rattan furniture has been around for years. It’s natural rich brown or honey colors make them match just about any room decor. I think that’s what moves them into a classic furniture category, never really going out of style if it’s in the right setting. As a bonus, it adds a touch of tropical which we can’t help but love almost every time. The same thing happened when we saw this buffet piece. We were already in love with the room, but it’s this piece that made us feel like we had been transported to a tropical isle.

Wicker and Rattan furniture Home Decor Ideas

We want to hear from you. Are you ready to jump on board with this “new” basket and crate trend? Or have you been decorating with baskets and crates for years? If you are like us, we have been doing it for years and feel encouragement not to stop any time soon! If you saw our article on getting the guest bedroom ready for company, you can spot our little rattan chair in the corner.

Basket and Crate Home Decor Ideas for Summer.

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