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How to get your guest bedroom ready for company

Getting the Guest Bedroom Ready for Company

About 6 weeks after we “moved” into our new home, we got a call from a dear niece.  She was coming up from California and needed a place to stay.  We love having her stay with us.  She is a lot of fun.  She was coming up to visit some of her friends.  We were happy and looking forward to seeing her.  But, there was no guest bedroom set up.  In fact, the guest bedroom downstairs, was being used as a temporary storage room. We would just have to shuffle boxes around and un-storage it and set it up as a guest oasis in 10 days.

The first item to get done was to move everything out of the room.  My husband, daughter, Megan and I cleared the room.  Then we vacuumed it thoroughly.  Megan was gracious enough to become our indoor housepainter.  The downstairs walls are covered in 1970’s cheap wall paneling.  We decided there was not time to take it all down, put up new drywall and paint before our niece arrived.  So, we decided to do a quick fix and paint the paneling all white.  That is what we did.  Unfortunately, we got the medium price paint, and Megan ended up giving the paneling three coats of paint.

Here's our complete story of our guest bedroom makeover. Goodbye dark wood walls, hello white and bright.

In the meantime, Terry and I hustled up to Ikea and bought a simple platform bed with 4 big drawers under the platform. We also hurried over to Amazon to see if they had any bed comforters, or quilts that were cheap and fun.  Thankfully, they did.  I bought some curtains at our local Sears store at their Going Out of Business Sale.  I had no idea if they would work in the room, but there was no more time to play around with them.  They got put on a rod and Terry screwed the curtain rod into the wall. 

Next, Terry and I ran over to our favorite consignment store, and bought two black nightstands (similar here) and two blue and white oriental lamps (similar here).  Love them!  We were lucky, lucky to find all these things at bargain prices.  Now we were ready to put this room together.  It came together nicely.  We were excited!  We realized that this room was the only finished looking room in the house.  It certainly looks better than our bedroom upstairs, or better than any other room in the house.  Here are the before and after pictures.  What do you think?

Our niece came, and she had a great time with her friends, and we enjoyed catching up with her.

Here's our complete story of our guest bedroom makeover. Goodbye dark wood walls, hello white and bright.

Two months later, my brother, Jim, came to town and stayed with us for another niece’s wedding. By this time, we felt good about the guest bedroom.  We had started taking down the wall paper in the orange and avocado bathroom downstairs.  Of all the wall paper we took down in this house, this wall paper was the most difficult.  There are gouges in the drywall.  The bathroom looks like a battle zone. The pitted drywall in there are a mess.  The sink, toilet and shower are in good working condition, it just isn’t a pretty finished room.  Jim was pretty cheerful about it and didn’t complain.

Our guest bedroom is still the most put together room in the house.  Getting our guest bedroom ready for company was what motivated us to update it in the first place. Progress is being made, but it seems to go slowly, especially when you are doing it yourself.  Patience is key to remodeling. Here are some “before and afters” of our guest bedroom downstairs to help you get an idea of what we’ve done so far.

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