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We have a bathroom update and a new tutorial for you…How to install Floor Pops. First of all, you might be asking…what’s a floor pop? Floor pop is the brand name for a vinyl tile with an adhesive backing. Basically, peel and stick tiles. Here is what we bought.

Floor Pops - Peel and Stick Floor Tiles

For the past two years the upstairs bathroom has been floor-less. Meaning, the subfloor has been sitting there waiting for tile to come in. Well, before the tile comes in there has to be a plumber who comes in to re-plumb the entire bathroom since we are moving the vanity and tub around. So until we can schedule that in, we painted the subfloor a bright yellow (because when we bought the house it came with buckets of bright yellow paint) and then we painted grey over the yellow to make if a bit more mellow. See the before pictures below.

As you can see everything is pretty plain jane, boring and not finished. We were tired of this, but we also hit a setback of a few months with the plumber, so we wanted something to update the bathroom until then. We didn’t want to break the bank (since we will eventually be installing real tile in this bathroom) and we wanted something that we could do in one afternoon with an easy learning curve. Enter Floor Pops!

We first learned about Floor Pops after watching this video on YouTube. We watched her carefully install each tile and it looked so easy and SO GOOD so fast. The next trick was purchasing the tiles. We are in the middle of a big home improvement season right now (thanks COVID-19), and seeing that the pattern we wanted was sold out on, Home Depot and Lowe’s we are assuming many of you had the same thought we did. The heavens opened for us and we found the pattern we wanted we found them on sale at Hobby Lobby. Yay! Our bathroom is a medium/average-sized bathroom and we needed 5 boxes or 50 tiles total. We only ended up using about 43 tiles, but it’s nice to have extras in case we need to replace any of them for any reason.

Here’s what you’ll need to complete this project.

  1. Floor Pops – or any Self-adhesive vinyl tile of your choice.
  2. Cleaning supplies to clean the floor before you start.
  3. Cutting mat – or something to cut on that won’t damage anything underneath.
  4. Box cutter with a sharp knife.
  5. Pencil and 12″ x 12″ paper to create templates.

Clean the Floor

The very first thing you need to do BEFORE you do anything else is clean the floor. It may sound silly, but the adhesive on the back of the tiles will not stick to a dirty floor. So make sure your current floor is completely clean.

Lay Out All of the Tiles

Before you start ripping off the paper on the back and just stick it to the floor, make sure to lay out all of the tiles first in the order you want them. Start in the middle of the room and spread out from there. The last thing you want to is to end up with a tiny strip of tile near a wall, a door or an edge. This is the best time to adjust the tiles so you end up with a pattern and a fit that you like.

Stick the Self-adhesive Vinyl Tiles

Since you are starting in the middle of the room, start with all of your whole tiles that don’t need to be cut. Peel back the paper to expose the adhesive on the back side and make sure you place the tiles as close together as possible. Don’t leave any gaps. Try to make the pattern line up as best as you can. You should have completely straight lines.

Making Templates and Cutting

How to make a template - Installing Floor Pops

This is the trickiest part. Working around the curve of the toilet or the tub or anywhere in the bathroom that you will need to cut the tile to fit the space. The easiest thing for us to do was to get 12″ x 12′ paper (to match the size of each tile) and then trace and cut out a template to match the shape you need to the cut the tile in.

How to Score and Cut Floor Pops

Here's what we did to score and cut /break apart Floor Pops.

Once you have your template made, then you place the template over the tile, take the boxcutter knife and score the tile on the cutting board to match your template. If you score the tile about half way through the tile, you should be able to take your hands and break the tile along the score line. Don’t over think this and don’t over cut the tile, it really is that easy. Score and break.

You’re done

Once you have laid down all the tile you cut to size, you should be done. If you have a bathroom the size of ours, it will probably take you 2-3 hours for a newbie Floor Popper.

Watch our video below so you can see what we did step-by-step. Leave a comment down below if you have a questions on how to install floor pops or tell us how your bathroom update went.      Bathroom Update - How to Install Floor Pops

Installing Peel and Stick Vinyl Tiles

How to install vinyl tiles with self-adhesive backing

How To Install Floor Pops Step-by-Step Video

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