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How to Spray Paint Your Garden Planter Pot

Now that it is officially summer, how is your garden going? Or more specifically, how is your container garden going? All winter long I have been plotting about my next garden planter pot and what I want to do with it. We are big fans of Garden Answer at our house and Laura inspired us to try these Proven Winner Supertunias. They trail and grow big which means it only takes one plant to fill an entire container. And I knew just what container to plant them in.

Last Summer We Bought A Planter Pot

Bright Yellow Plastic Container with trailing Petunias

One day last summer, my husband and I were walking through Costco and saw the planter pots on sale. It was a bright yellow planter pot with purple Petunias and some spikes that looked healthy and strong and it was a great deal. When we walked out fo the store, I loved the bright yellow plastic garden container, I thought it would add a bright spot to our front porch. Well, these petunias exploded over the summer, so much so I think I had given that pot several haircuts by September. As a result of this trailing petunia, it covered up most of the yellow container. This picture below was taken just one month after we bought it.


This Summer I Wanted Something More Sophisticated

Spray Painted Plastic Garden Planter Pot

Over the winter I decided that as much as I loved bright colors, the yellow plastic container looked a little hokey, and I wanted something a little more sophisticated. Black was my first choice, it’s sleek, sophisticated and best of all it would provide a lot of contrast to our bright white front porch. I also loved the idea that black can go with any color flower, yellow containers have their restrictions on the best color flowering that can match it. Silly I know when comparing it to an fashion outfit, but it was important to me. Thus was born our latest project, how to spray paint a garden planter pot. Watch the video below to see what we did. All the supplies you’ll need for this project are linked below the video.

Supplies Needed For This Project

Supplies Needed for spray painting your garden planter pot

Here is another video from Garden Answer that we recommend.
Here is the link to the Proven Winner Supertunias we bought.
See what our garden looked like last year.

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