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Nautical Flag Wall Art Project. Only takes 2 hours and basic art skills. Complete tutorial on the blog.

Last month I was combing through the latest issue of the HGTV Magazine (usually a good go-to) and there was a picture of some wall art. I instantly fell in love with the idea since I had already been trying to come up with ways to add some color to my wall without being to kitschy. I also really wanted something homemade…an art project that I could successfully pull off with my limited art skills and budget. The artwork in the magazine was five separate framed canvas paintings of a solid color. I wanted something with a bit more design, and that’s when I thought of it…nautical flags!

I have always loved the idea of nautical flags. Our family loves to sail and we have often talked about make up our own family nautical flag. I started doing more research into the meaning of nautical flags I realized that each flag represents a letter of the alphabet. Voila! All I had to was use our initials and I found my new art project.

Nautical Flag Wall Art Project - Complete tutorial on the blog.

Nautical Flag Wall Art Supplies

  1. Frames – I bought these on sale on Michaels, but you can find the same ones here on Amazon.
  2. White Spray Paint – I used Krylon Dual Spray paint
  3. 3 White Poster Boards
  4. Foam Brushes
  5. Acrylic Paint Brushes
  6. Acrylic Paints
  7. Pencil
  8. Ruler

Nautical Flag Wall Art Project. Full tutorial on the blog today.

Step One – Test Version

Since this was my first time using these paints, brushes and poster board, I decided to make a mock up and sample some colors and nautical flag designs that I liked. As you can see I took the liberty of changing the colors within the traditional nautical flag design to use colors I wanted to accent on my wall. I started out with different letters from our names and tested out the corresponding flags.

Nautical Flag Wall Art Project - Here is the sample mock up I made. I was mixing and matching colors and nautical flag designs to see which one...

Step Two – Penciling it In

Once I decided on the colors and designs I liked best, I then pulled out my three poster boards and got to work measuring and penciling in the design. Nautical flags are always square, and to make sure they match up with each other on the wall, I measured them so that my colored flag would be in the same place on each poster board. Then I used the ruler as a straight edge to outline my box and the specific design within each box.

Nautical Flag Wall Art Project. Step 3 - Measuring and Penciling in your design.

Step Three – Time to Paint

Painting was the trickiest part for me. Keeping a straight line with the brush was a bit harder than I expected. I ended up with a straight edge which helped keep the paint within the lines a bit better.

**TIP** Use a lot of paint. The thicker coats of paint look brighter and bolder. Yellow was an especially hard color and took several coats before I achieved the look I wanted.

Nautical Flag Wall Art Project - Step three - Painting!

Step Four – Spray Painting the Frames White

If you bought your frames already in white, or the color you would like them in, then you can frame your poster boards, hang them on the wall and skip this next step.

I could only find these frames in the natural wood color, and since I wanted them to be white, I knew that I need to spray paint them. First I lightly sanded them so the paint would stick to the frames. Then I set up my paint booth on the patio and sprayed them with 2-3 coats each until they were a rich and creamy white color.

Nautical Flag Wall Art Project. Spray paint the frames white.

That’s all there is to it. This nautical flag wall art project was one my favorites to do. The entire project only took a couple of hours (spray paint drying times) and now my wall has a burst of color to it. Let us know what think, would you try this wall art project?

Nautical Flag Wall Art Project. Only two hours and basic art skills needed. Full tutorial on the blog.

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Nautical Art Wall Project

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