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Our Garden Before and After 2019

Am I the only one who LOVES before and after’s? There is something so intriguing and yet somehow satisfying about seeing a dramatic change unfold simultaneously. When I am at the bookstore combing through all the Home and Garden magazines, I love finding the before and after sections. I love trying to figure out what they did to change the space before I read about it in the article.

Finally, we have our garden Before and After to Show you. The garden and yard has been a special project of Terry’s all summer. He’s been spending every Saturday and available weekday mornings and evenings out in the yard planting, digging, fixing, rearranging, removing, tilling and any other gardening term you can think of. There is honestly too many plants and trees to go through one at a time so I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves. If you have any questions about a specific plant, feel free to leave a comment or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

North Garden (aka the backyard)

Before – Oh those Junipers! They were so big, we didn’t know we had a view of the mountains!

Our Garden Before the remodel


Our Garden After

Our Garden Before and After

Goodbye Junipers!

Backyard before and After 4

Before – we painted the shed.

how to paint your outdoor shed - Before 1

how to paint your outdoor shed - Before 2

After – we painted the shed.

Before – West Garden

Our garden before and after the 30 year remodel

After – Our Shade garden grew a lot this summer.

Our garden before and after makeover

Our garden before and after makeover

Our Garden Before in the Front Yard – This is what it looked like the day we bought the house!

The Before Picture ofOur 1971 Fixer Upper House.

Our Garden After Pics of the Front Yard

Still in Love with our Ballerina Roses.

Front Yard Makeover

Before and After Garden Makeover 2019

These potted plants are all of our favorites.

Our Potted Plant Garden Makeover 2019

Our Potted Plant Garden 2019

Last but not least, we love this new water spigot and hose organizer that Terry made from scratch a few weeks ago.

Custom Water Spigot - Garden Makeover 2019

Our garden before and after’s show a lot of big changes that we’ve made throughout the summer, but we are also a long way from being finished. I guess that’s why they say maintaining a garden is a never-ending process. Here’s to hoping we have just a little bit more warm weather ahead so we can finish up some smaller projects in the yard before the hard freeze hits and decides to stick around.


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