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Quick Fix Bathroom Reno- Before and After

Our Quick Fix Bathroom Renovation

This Christmas we decided to do our quick fix bathroom renovation. We found out some extended family were coming to stay at our house for 2 weeks over Christmas break. Six short weeks was all we had to pull off a complete bathroom reno on less than a shoe string budget. We also knew it had to be a complete DIY. Enter my mom and I, two girls with lots of design inspiration and very little know-how upon execution of the actual hard stuff.

The Original 1970’s Bathroom

Let’s start at the beginning. Our guest bathroom in the basement was a disaster when we moved in during the fall of 2017. It was also a 1970’s dream bathroom. Bright orange laminate counter-tops, avocado green sink and matching toilet. To top it all off, there was a lovely duck wall paper that outlined the entire bathroom.

This Christmas we decided to do our quick fix bathroom renovation.

What We Did Wrong

Truthfully, we made the bathroom even worse by taking down the wall paper the week after moving in. This particular room must have had some extra strong wall paper glue, because when we took off the wall paper, we also took some of the drywall with it. There it sat, for two years looking about as drab as a bathroom can look while we focused on other projects. It was time this bathroom was shown a little love.

Guest Bathroom before pic 1

Basement bathroom before pic 2

The Quick Fix Reno Plan

While my dad, the architect, reassured us that in time we would be knocking down walls, replacing the shower, and hiring a plumber to re-plumb the sink to fit a double sink vanity. Since none of that was going to happen in the short six weeks we had to get the bathroom ready for company, we needed a simpler solution. Here was our list of projects we decided on for our quick fix bathroom renovation.

  • Re-plastering all the drywall
  • Painting all the walls
  • Painting the laminate counter top
  • Staining/painting the vanity
  • Hanging towel bars and wall art
  • Installing new lighting fixtures
  • Hanging a new mirror

The End Result (aka After Pictures)

Tell us below what you think. And yes, we know there is still a green sink, don’t worry it’s only temporary. 🙂

The After Pics



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