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Baby Shower Ideas

Our little cutie themed – drive through baby shower has been one of my favorite things to plan this year. We have had a lot of curve balls and surprises thrown our way with the world-wide pandemic COVID-19. Our favorite surprise happened when we discovered our family was growing and a little baby was on the way.

A Little Cutie Theme

Not too long after we found out we were expecting, my mom and I started planning the baby shower we have been talking about for years. We fell in love with the orange and clementine color scheme and decided to stick to a little cutie themed shower. If you do a quick search on Pinterest you can quickly find loads of ideas and inspiration for anything and everything with a clementine-themed party. What we couldn’t find was how to throw a baby shower,

  1. In the middle of a pandemic
  2. During cold winter months
  3. While keeping the party small and socially-distanced.

Lunchboxes To-Go For The Win

Baby Shower Lunch box to-go

We ended up doing our own thing entirely and it worked out so well. We split the guest list into 4 different groups and assigned them a time to our home to celebrate with us. Each guest wore a mask and socially distanced once they arrived. We then packed all the food in the lunch boxes and handed each guest pre-made and pre-portioned lunch boxes filled with chicken salad sandwiches, caprese skewers, a fruit tart, a sugar cookie, orange chocolate slices and a San Pellegrino as a drink. We didn’t want any eating to be done while anyone was at the shower since they would have to remove their mask. We decided on a short 30 minute time frame for each group and then we would give them their lunch box with refreshments on their way out the door.


Little Cutie Baby Shower Decorations

We kept the decorations bright and simple. We experimented with a balloon arch made up of balloons of all sizes in four different colors, orange, light pink, white and coral. We really wanted to use green as an accent color to mimic the orange trees and leaves attached to the oranges. We found some green garland (which were actually Hawaiian leis) and laid it across the table and added some oranges, clementines and flower picks to make it really pop. We lined up the lunch boxes that were tied with ribbons in our four main colors. Our centerpiece was a wood tray that I found at Home Goods (similar here). I brought it home with the idea of using it to display tapered candles in all of our colors. I enlisted the help of my dad who easily drilled holes for the tapered candles to sit in.

Tapered Candle Party Decorations

Planning A Baby Shower Fit for A Pandemic Means Flexibility

How to Throw a Baby Shower in a Pandemic

After all of our preparation we ended up having to cancel our baby shower altogether. Our state put in a further restriction limiting the number of people just one week before our shower was planned for. It was a disappointment not to share this with all our loved ones, but this pandemic has taught us all to become more flexible, especially with planned events. The good news is that we loved planning, designing and even making the food for this baby shower and next time we can all get together again we already have everything we need!


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