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It’s no surprise that the top colors of 2021 are going to lean either to the side of bright and happy or relaxing and calming. That being said, everyone seems to have their own opinion about what to expect in paint color trends in 2021. Pantone, Sherwin-Williams, and Benjamin Moore, just to name a few, have all put together their top paint colors of 2021. Not to mention all of the top interior designers and magazines have their favorites as well.

We’ve been taking notice on what’s hot and what’s not lately, and we are going to sum up the top paint colors of 2021, while adding in a couple of our own.

Relaxing Neutrals

If stress and anxiety were high in your home last year, it may be time to give your interior rooms a face lift with relaxing neutral colors. Anything to calm down the nerves right? Since we are still spending a lot of time indoors, why not make your home feel like a spa? Pantone’s 2021 Color of the Year is Ultimate Grey. Looks like the grey wall trend will continue, but here’s what we like about this color…it’s light. This grey is a much lighter/brighter shade of grey than in years past, making rooms feel relaxed and uplifting.  We also like Behr’s Smoky White and Almond Mist for relaxing neutrals.

Light Grey walls are the top paint color trend of 2021

Calming Colors

Is there any question why the colors of the sea double as calming colors? How many of us feel calmer just by being next the ocean, sea, lake, stream or river? Water can have a calming effect on almost all of us. That’s why we like these pale greens and blues as trends for 2021. Choosing just the right shade can be tricky though. PPG’s Misty Aqua is a nice choice, or this Hollingsworth Green from Benjamin Moore is great too. Here are some examples we’ve seen around that we like.

Calming Blue Paint Trends 2021

Calming Blue Paint Trends 2021

Calming Blue Paint Trends 2021

Bright, Happy and Jewel Tones

The last trend we are seeing is bright and happy along with jewel-toned paint colors. This is new for 2021. We saw some jewel tones start to emerge at the end of 2020, but they are coming in as top paint colors for 2021. Happy and bright is also on trend right now as you can see with Pantone’s second color of the year Illuminating, a bright yellow. Here are a couple of our favorites.

Jewel-tone paint trends for 2021

What do you think about the top paint colors of 2021? Are you into it? Or are you a strictly a white walls kind-of-person? We want to know. Leave your comments below. If you curious to see what has changed top paint color trends in the past two years with our article here: The Best Paint Colors of 2019.

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